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Over thirty years experience helping to deliver quiet and refined products for the automotive, environmental, transport and industrial sectors.

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    Through experimental and analytical methods, brought together by our engineering know-how, our emphasis is on delivering solutions.

    Modal analysis

    We can provide both modal acquisition and analysis using advanced techniques for a wide range of components and systems. From ICE and EV engine installations, electric motor internal dynamics and external mounting, to chassis and frame dynamics, our analysis is primarily aimed at optimising systems to reduce or eliminate vibration issues.

    Data acquisition and analysis

    We have data acquisition hardware for both noise and vibration measurement. With the support of a number of analysis packages, including Matlab and SOAnalyzer, we are able to perform a range of frequency and time-based analyses towards understanding the noise emmission and dynamics of systems.

    Analytical modelling

    Through the use of Matlab and SimMechanics, we provide analyitical modelling support to complement experimental modal and operating vibration analysis. With validated analytical models we are able to provide design specifications that can help deliver refined, quiet products.

    Acoustic modelling

    Using SoundPlan acoustic modelling software we have experience in environmental noise prediction which is often supported by verification through noise measurements in the field. Applications for this have included the development and assessment of vehicle proving ground activity with detailed models of different vehicle operations scenarios. Other applications including industrial noise emmission predictions for planning approval.

    Advanced transfer path analysis

    Using advanced transfer path analysis techniques with our own Matlab-based software tools we have the capablility to determining the primary paths for noise transmission in complex structures at higher frequencies. Applications have included electric motor noise and engine vibration at the driver contact points.

    Design and development support

    We have extensive experience in supporting product engineering development in respect of noise and vibration from the concept stage, providing design specification and guidelines, through to fire-fighting issues at the prototype and production stage.

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    phone: 0121 288 2801

For your noise and vibration engineering solutions


phone: 0121 288 2801